Volunteer crowds in the Negev

Volunteer crowds in the Negev

At ADI Negev we currently have a record number of volunteers (22). This does put some pressure on the two volunteer houses, but the volunteers from Germany, England, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and South Africa make the most of it. A very stressful moment was when the air alarm went off last week due to the rocket rain from Gaza. A number of the photographs below show the group meeting to process this together. Some testimonials from the volunteers:

“Although the situation was stressful I felt it connected us together as a group. Personally I felt like a father and it made me feel much better that I can be responsible for the young lADIes. I stayed up all night with another guy and it was great opportunity to know each other better!”

“We were at the cinema in Beer Sheva and suddenly they stopped the film and people around us were walking out and talking in Hebrew. It was frustrating to not know and understand what was happening. There was a very nice lady that saw we did not speak the language so she asked us where we are from and gave us some sweets to relax. It made us feel much better.”

“We were together in Ofakim when the alarm went off. Some of the girls were very nervous so I tried to manage the situation, I was talking to the group and asking each one of the girls how she felt. What helped me is the song we sing in church, it was playing in my head and I felt safe.”

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