Trip to Claudia’s Heart

Trip to Claudia’s Heart

Deciding to come to Israel as a volunteer has been one of the most important decisions in my life. I left behind children, a professional career and my country, Guatemala. I invested time, energy and affectivity in realizing this dream.

Every day that I shared at ADI has been worthwhile because it represented a journey travelled within my heart, I have grown as a person and I have returned to the basics. I have realized that there are other ways to feel happy and fulfilled, above all I have learned that with less I have much more!

I have realized that the true beauty of a human being is often hidden from some and for others it is in plain sight. I am blessed to have been of assistance to ADI professionals in their daily tasks, ranging from feeding, playing, singing, and doing fine motor skills to help preschool children.

I have realized that there are other ways to feel happy and fulfilled

The children of ADI Jerusalem have been teachers that God has put before me to learn to smile, give love, complain less and to further appreciate life.

Children are genuine for how they react in many ways every day: sometimes crying when they feel discomfort, other times with a smile, with a hug, a caress in such a way that they let us know that our work is valuable, no matter how simple it might be. No matter how small our help, it means something vital to them because their well-being depends on the academic competences, attention, skills and dynamism which cannot be left behind!

My heart’s desire is to have the opportunity to continue writing more trips to the heart of Claudia.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you ADI Jerusalem!

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