To see what people can’t see

To see what people can’t see

To see what people can’t see

Shalom! I’m a university student in Taiwan. This winter vacation I took the chance and went to ADI as a volunteer for one month. That was my very first time traveling abroad on my own so at first I thought one month is pretty long. But after this beautiful experience I realized that one month is definitely too short. And I would like to share a little of my story from the abounding life which ADI brought me within the short time.

One of the greatest thing that I had never expected was the great connection between volunteers. I stayed in the Vila (volunteer house) with 8-12 international volunteers. That was a lovely house and staying there with great people was enjoyable! It was amazing that we could share our work, our lives, different cultures and travel tips in Israel together. Cooking and sharing dishes from different places around the world and learning various culture and religion together were something that I’m so grateful for.

In addition, the most important thing of all is the work in ADI. The value ADI is sharing is clear, which is, to see what people can’t see. I remembered one of a staff said, “It’s easy to see what they can’t do. But ADI tries to see what they CAN do.” I surprisingly discovered great potential the residents have.  One of the residents in our house can imitate different caregivers, as each caregiver has their own character, she can easily act the same as we mention their name. It was so cute and funny when I first found out this. You have to keep trying and communicating with them and you’ll be blown away by their cleverness, or you’ll miss it.

“It’s easy to see what they can’t do. But ADI tries to see what they CAN do.”

The residents also taught me a lot when it comes to the expression of love. I was always touched by the scene when some of their parents came to visit them or brought them home. Some of them would stand by the door looking forward to their families’ arrival and some of them would jump and shout when their parents came. They never hide their love and their emotion, they just show it with their limited words or body languages and you’ll feel so beloved. 

People here carry a value and a vision to work so it’s no longer a job or duty, but something you’re really willing to do. I came to give, but I received so much more here. It was not only the beauty of Israel but also the wonderful people here in ADI that made all my memories so beautiful, and I’ll never forget that.

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