There’s so much to explore!

There’s so much to explore!

It’s not only a journey to travel in Israel, I feel like I’m on a journey with every child of the group. There’s so much to explore! –Berdine, volunteer from the Netherlands

Our lovely Dutch volunteer Berdine has spent two months in ADI Negev working in the school with special needs. As a Christian, she always wanted to come to Israel, to work with people here, and to feel, know and experience the trADItions and life. ADI provides a good opportunity for her to make a change in her life as she told us. The connection with people in ADI makes Berdine feel like home. Colleagues are willing to share their stories and culture. Moreover, they want her to be part of it.

“I feel very comfortable and relaxed at the place where I work.”

“My colleagues always ask me how I’m doing, and they tell me that they miss me when I’m not around. That’s so kind of them. I feel very comfortable and relaxed at the place where I work.” Berdine assured.

Before Berdine came to Israel, she could barely speak Hebrew. However, language barriers do not stop her to communicate with people. Her colleagues are willing to teach her Hebrew and she teaches English in return. Once in a while, Berdine has her break with one of her colleagues to have their private “language sessions.”

During the work, Berdine observed and wrote down the syndromes which the children have, different physical therapies they practice and asked information and advice from the professionals. Her diligent attitude left a strong impression on us.

To Berdine, the children need special care and devotion, so she is happy to dedicate herself to ADI. Berdine has already been working in ADI Negev for eight weeks, and her ADI story is continuing.

Interviewed and written by Angel Ding

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