Selma’s Story

Selma’s Story

My name is Selma Daramus I am 22 years old and I am from Paris.  I have volunteered at ADI for one year.

Now that I spend every day of the week with people who suffer from disabilities, I discover that they are exactly like us.

Even if they cannot talk, even if they cannot walk, eat by themselves…. I discover that they need all the love there is and we can make them happy by giving them love. They are aware of everything and also have a conscience for the most of them.

In the past I knew that of course there are people with disabilities but I did not realize that we can help them live a beautiful life with love even if they have physical and mental difficulties.

I also discover that they know us and recognize us when we spend time with them day after day.

This is the meaning that even if they have a severe handicap their hearts are alive! They give you love when you come in the morning to feed them and they look at you even if they cannot move their body but look at you and smile because you come to them.

Shely is one of the girls from ADI. She is a blind girl and cannot walk nor speak. She was really shy with me in the beginning, because she didn’t know me and because she cannot see me she had only my voice to try to know me.

After few weeks I saw that my voice became familiar for her and then since that, every day when I come to her and tell her “chamuda Shely ani Selma (dear Shely, I am Selma)” she smiles and moves her hand to show me that she is happy.

With time we start to be attached to these children because we spend a lot time with them day after day, and in my case, these children have a beautiful place in my heart.

I feel that when my mission will be finished I will miss them too much.

But I am sure about one things, I will come back every time to see them to not let them forget me. Finally, in Israel the love is real, I came here three years ago for a first time, I fell in love with this beautiful land and it’s incredible citizens and I really feel a beautiful love for these amazing children from ADI, and I will come back every time to see them because they need us to give them love and they all can count on my love.

We need your support!

By donating to ADI Israel, YOU will help us meet our goal to enable each child, regardless of the severity of disability.

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