“Nice to meet you” Hello to LESEA from Moldova

“Nice to meet you” Hello to LESEA from Moldova

“Nice to meet you” Hello to LESEA from Moldova

Your name
My name is Lesea, it’s very complicated name for pronunciation in Israel, with this name was a lot of funny moments.

Coming from
I am from small and beautiful Moldova – I also volunteered in our volunteering center in Chisinau. Now i try to make good mood children in ADI Gedera

Why have you come to volunteer in Israel
I came here because it’s a good opportunity to have a lot of experience in volunteering and in live. I like spend time with kids and make whatever I can for their smiles. Here I am almost 7 months

How long are you volunteering
Since January 2018.

What kind of roles includes your volunteering service here
My work day start at 12. I spend time at school. It very useful to see how professionally the teachers work, it helps me. I help workers to feed children’s. We going with kids to pizza, ice-cream by foot. Sometimes by the bus we are going to the beach or shops. When we are in house we listening music or watching cartoons or making some staff with paper. A lot of kids like massage, they ask more and more

Describe the most special moment in your volunteering experience this week
Just yesterday was most amazing day in my volunteering here. It was really hot day. Workers put small swimming pool in the yard for every kids. with children giggled and poured water. Some kids didn’t want to start but after that they didn’t want to stop. It was incredible. To See many smiles and good mood for everybody.

Source: Volunteer platform of Ministry of Social Affairs

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