Mitzvah stories

Mitzvah stories

See how others have reached their goal as our Bar/Bar mitzvah kids are sharing their story, what made them decide and help others and how it effected their own lives.

The Sweetest Bat Mitzvah Project of All

In honor of her upcoming Bat Mitzvah (December 2020), Yehudis Muller, an amazing young woman and baking prodigy from Hillside, New Jersey, is running a long-term fundraiser to help ADI’s residential and rehabilitative center in Jerusalem purchase a “Kangaroo feeder” for a resident who is fed exclusively via a feeding tube, and a specialized electronic thermometer that will keep the

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ADI’s residential and rehabilitative center in Jerusalem hosted the beautiful Twinning Bat Mitzvah celebration of Sedona Cohen from Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, and ADI resident Uriah Shayna. Following in the footsteps of her wonderful grandparents, longtime ADI supporters Marcia and Philip Cohen, Sedona decided to take her Bat Mitzvah to the next level by sharing her special day with her “Bat Mitzvah

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Mazal Tov! Celebrando el Bar Mitzvah de Gabriel!

13-year-old Gabriel Landsmanas Goldberg of Mexico marked his entry into Jewish manhood by sharing his commitment to the children of ADI with others. In lieu of Bar Mitzvah gifts, Gabriel asked friends and relatives to donate to ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran and in doing so, raised over $18,000 to benefit village residents. For his Bar Mitzvah, Gabriel visited ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran

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A spectacular Bat Mitzvah for spectacular Twins!

On Thursday, June 27, ADI Bnei Brak hosted the beautiful Twinning Bat Mitzvah celebration of Hannah Klein of Boca Raton, Florida, and ADI resident Anna Ketzvashvilli. Hannah and Anna have been developing a beautiful long-distance relationship for months via skype and video, so they were very excited to finally meet in person. From the moment the ‘Twins’ met, they were

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Opting to Care – Adam Runs for It!

Sitting in the back during an art evening charity event at his parents’ house last year, Adam Tricot quietly listened to everything that was being said about ADI and the children with intellectual developmental disabilities and severe medical complications in need of support. Adam took in everything he heard and reached a decision. A healthy young boy without disabilities, Adam

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A Family of Kindness

Ryanna Wolf set the trend in March 2016, when she opted to elevate her Bat Mitzvah to the next level by celebrating her special day in Jerusalem with the children of ADI. Carter Field, Ryanna’s cousin, followed the lead. He chose to infuse his own special day with a new significance by travelling to Jerusalem to mark his Bar Mitzvah

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A Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebration with “Mamma Rochel”

In a meaningful and poignant celebration of their coming of age, five residents of ADI Jerusalem marked their Bar/Bat Mitzvah with a trip to Kever Rachel (Rachel’s Tomb). Accompanied by family members, staff and National Service volunteers, the young celebrants prayed at the tomb of “Mamma Rochel,” a site recognized as a special place for prayer for thousands of years.

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Serious BFF’s!

Nava and Uriah Team Up to Celebrate The overwhelming excitement of the double Bat Mitzvah celebrated at ADI Jerusalem during the week of Passover will be remembered for years. It all began when Nava Sielger of New Jersey decided to take her Bat Mitzvah celebration to the next level by joining ADI’s Bat Mitzvah Twinning Program. Twelve-year-old Nava adopted Uriah

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Maya Celebrates her Bat Mitzvah in Style

Family, friends, teachers, volunteers and guests gathered together at Nesya Hall for an all-out event marking Maya’s Bat Mitzvah. Maya’s Bat Mitzvah celebration has been months in the making, ensuring that she would enjoy a top-notch affair, comparable to similar events within her family. Michelle, Naomi and Hila, together with a host of exceptional people and donors, organized and planned,

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ADI Develops Firm Roots in New Jersey

By Harry Glazer The Jewish Link of New Jersey (JLNJ) One truism for a charitable organization seeking to build support is that local connections can make a major difference. This is doubly so for an Israeli non-profit organization seeking to raise its visibility and increase support in the US. One very deserving cause is the ADI organization in Israel. Founded

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Nava & Uriah: Bat Mitzvah Twins

LIKE SISTERS! Nava and Uriah may live far apart, but these ‘Bat Mitzvah Twins’ have leveraged technology to developed a beautiful relationship. In the coming months, Nava will visit ADI for a joint Bat Mitzvah celebration with Uriah. In anticipation of their special day, Nava is also raising funds to cover the expense of Uriah’s hydrotherapy treatments. Please help Nava

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Daniel, a student at the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran special education school, dreamed of having his Bar Mitzvah in Beit HaMikdash. This may sound far-fetched, but good will, that stretched over the ocean, helped Daniel come as close as possible to realizing his dream. A class of students from the Beth Jacob school in Redwood city, California, decided to collect money

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Heartwarming letter from Yasmine B. to her ADI Bat Mitzvah Twin!

Hi Shira, My name is Yasmine, and I am almost 12 years old. I am so exited to be your twin. As you know, Purim was a while ago, so to celebrate YOU and Purim, I started selling my old Purim costumes from my previous years, and we raised 165 pounds already. We turned my garage into a shop. Here are some pictures

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A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a special day for every child and his or her family. At ADI Jerusalem, a series of unique activities mark the occasion. Special learning aids and methods are used to enable the children to understand and experience what it feels like to celebrate a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Last week, at ADI Jerusalem’s Bar

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A Surprise Bat Mitzvah Gift for Shira

Yasmin is an incredible young woman from London. Recently, she celebrated her Bat Mitzvah with family and friends. Following the festivities, Yasmin decided to use some of the money she received as Bat Mitzvah gifts to make put a smile on the face of a Bat Mitzvah girl in Israel. After a little research, she chose Shira, a resident of

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A very unique procession entered the Old City of Jerusalem’s Dung Gate last week, led by Shira Azar in her wheelchair. Shira is a 12-year-old girl with intellectual developmental disabilities, who lives at ADI Bnei Brak, and she was on her way to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah at the Kotel. The procession included about 20 of Shira’s friends, also residents

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Letters for Devorie: Pen Pals and Bat Mitzvah Twins

In a simpler time, pen pal relationships delighted children around the world.  One child would write a letter (on paper, in his/her own handwriting) to someone he/she had never before met, and the recipient would reciprocate.  With every letter delivered, the children would learn about language arts, social studies and geography, whether they realized it or not.  Week after week,

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Amazing Kids make an Amazing Video for ADI’s Children!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are thankful for amazing friends like Mati Franco David and her 6th – 8th grade students at The Solomon Schechter Day School in Marlboro, NJ. Once again, her students will be developing a chessed project to support ADI. Their first act of kindness was purchasing Chanukah gifts for their friends and families from the ADI Boutique. They

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Day School students bring joy to EVERYONE this Chanukah!

The 6th grade class at The Solomon Schechter Day School in Marlboro, NJ chose ADI as their chessed project this year. Their first act of kindness was purchasing Chanukah gifts for their friends and families from the ADI Boutique. They also made THIS beautiful video to introduce themselves to their new friends at ADI.   The sixth graders were so excited to

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Jacob Steinberg of the UK was supposed to visit Israel during the summer of 2014 to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah with his “twin,” Chaim R. of ADI Jerusalem. Unfortunately, his trip was canceled when the war broke out. This summer, Jacob finally got a chance to meet Chaim at ADI Jerusalem. They connected immediately and really enjoyed spending the afternoon together.

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