Keep calm and be a volunteer

Keep calm and be a volunteer

„Why you are not afraid…?”- many people were asking me.

„Of what…?” We are afraid of things that we don’t know. But I really wanted to know how it actually is in Israel. So I’ve gone out of my comfort zone which was a gate on the polish airport. It was one of the best steps in my life until now.

I had had no idea what was going to happen and now for me it’s a bit supernatural that me, shy girl from a village flew for a 3 months to Israel in order to look after mentally disabled children. Honestly, despite all troubles and difficulties, it was worth everything. This travel changed my point of view on a gift which is life.

I recommend it to every shy girl and boy, who isn’t perfect, nor very confident, but wants to become a better person.

You don’t have to be afraid. There is no reason.

Love, Ula

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