Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on ADI: Angels… Surrounded by Angels.

Over the years, ADI has been blessed with the patronage of many venerable statesmen, community leaders, and luminaries who have lent their support to ADI’s mission. It has been our privilege to include among them Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, former UK Chief Rabbi and noted philosopher, scholar, theologian and author.

Rabbi Sacks recently honoured ADI once again as he joined the grand opening celebration for Bet Chayil – the new, state-of-the-art special education school and rehabilitative center opening soon in the heart of Bnei Brak.

Rabbi Sacks certainly enhanced the proceedings with his august presence, but he did so much more to inspire by example with a heartfelt embrace of Israel’s disability community. Singing and dancing with a newly dedicated Torah Scroll, Rabbi Sacks led the way as ADI’s children joined the celebration in a procession from their residential centre, accompanied by hundreds of local residents.

“Every encounter we‘ve had with the work of ADI has been just redemptive,” said Rabbi Sacks, in his eloquent remarks to all assembled. “ADI [teaches us] one of Judaism’s most fundamental truths: that a country is strong when it cares for the weak, that a nation is rich when it cares for the poor, and that a people is invulnerable when it cares for the vulnerable.”

With his inimitable quintessence of chessed and joyous spirit, Rabbi Sacks affixed a mezuza to the doorpost of the new facility, along with his blessing:

“May the divine presence rest in the work of your hands.”

In a final nod of approbation to all those who devote themselves selflessly to this most worthy cause, Rabbi Sacks remarked:

“ADI…is a place where angels are cared for by angels. Everyone who enters ADI for its services finds himself or herself surrounded by angels.”

As we look towards the future we are confident that Rabbi Sacks’ impactful words will continue to inspire and guide us. We are grateful for his support as we seek to promote a better, more just and inclusive society, one in which everyone, no matter what their level of ability, is treated with the respect and dignity as is the right of every human being.

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