First Lithuanian Volunteer

First Lithuanian Volunteer

I am very thankful for the opportunity to be volunteering at ADI. The time and experiences in Israel in general and at ADI: and the work with people with disabilities, shows me a lot of new things and provides me with feelings I never experienced before.

Even though it was hard during the first few weeks and I was tired and even confused, after getting home every day after my shift, I never felt like I had to stop what I just started. The job with these special people with disabilities is not easy: the work is not only physical, rather, the emotions and feelings are greatly influenced as well. Sure, with time everything becomes less hard and I started to feel in love people with the people whom I spend time with and provide with attention, every day. We refer to them as ‘children’, even though most of them are older than me.

The class teachers and other staff members turned into friends along time and during the weekends I actually miss ‘my children’.

“….during weekends I miss my children.”

I worked with disabled adults for almost five months. After that, I was transferred to work with with children instead. Not babies, but the most fun age: children aged 2 to 4 years old. They are adorable! I totally enjoyed every day with them and spent a total of 6 weeks over there. Working with kids was so different than with adults. And with some of the residents, you cannot sense that they have some form of disability (there’s different levels of disabilities) but working with them showed that one needs a full time focus. I believe that they are special and that they themselves experience everything in a more special and sensitive way also.

I am very happy and proud about my time here at ADI. I had the chance to be acquainted with Israeli life style, visit local places and get to know many people.

I will remember my lovely flat mates forever and all the other volunteers from different places of the world. It was a great experience, THANKS, ADI!!!

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