Annarie’s Story

Annarie’s Story

I am Anna (Annarie) from Riversdale, (South-Western part of South-Africa near Still Bay, Mossel Bay). I came to ADI for 3months (Aug – Nov). What a wonderful journey it was. I am returning to ADI in Febr. 2020 again. For me as a “Carer”- volunteer at ADI, all people are equal. I came to give my compassion and love and interaction what the Lord has blessed me with, to children and I received emotions and love in abundance back. The important connection is the time you make to have interaction with one to one communication towards the children. I saw how they came alive. Once you are connected, nothing can break the bond between both of children and volunteer. We communicate in our own words and signs. The smiles, happiness and touch or hugs you as a volunteer get are beyond measurement!

Many years ago I had a dream (2010) about children in houses. The Holy Spirit also gave me the interior design of the house, and the day I walked into ‘Tzahov’, ADI I experienced some emotions that no words can describe. I found the children and the staff all in one package. What a journey…..all warm, friendly, compassionate.

The smiles, happiness and touch or hugs you as a volunteer get are beyond measurement!

I believe that each and every one is special in her/his own way. Value them in their own way for who they are. They needed to be understood, handle with love, compassion, caring, warmth be supported and most of all be sensitive for their feelings abilities and need. Treat them with dignity. As a volunteer you must be committed and do all in humbleness and kindness.

During the 3 months at ADI , we, as volunteers of ADI were taken on a Volunteer Outing. The interactions with our fellow volunteers were great. We visited the Tower of David-museum and the ‘shuk’ (market). Like scouts we were divided into teams and we had to find things that were on a list (a so called ‘Scavenger Hunt’). So many volunteers are in Israel from so many different countries across the universe. We bonded and became friends forever.

Thanks for the opportunity that ADI Israel gave to me to share.


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