ADI’s Inclusion Workshops for Teens in the UK: JDAIM 2021

ADI’s Inclusion Workshops for Teens in the UK: JDAIM 2021

ADI’s Inclusion Workshops for Teens in the UK: JDAIM 2021

For the third year in succession, British Friends of ADI (formerly British Friends of ALEH), has taken the initiative to bring Jewish Disability, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAIM) to the Jewish community in the UK.

Together with Project ImpACT, ADI offered an interactive and fun virtual Disability Inclusion Workshop, only one aspect of this exciting campaign. UK teens created beautiful Pesach-themed sensory finger puppets to brighten the day for the residents of ADI.  The puppets will be used at ADI’s special education school to tell the Pesach story in a fun and engaging way.

The Disability Inclusion Workshop is part of our “ADI Bechinuch” (ascension through education), a disability inclusion program for schools that teaches students the importance of disability inclusion and accessibility via interactive educational modules and “disability challenges.” The program, together with ADI’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Worldwide Twinning Program, aims to institute a change in societal attitude towards individuals with disabilities.

“ADI’s Disability Inclusion Programming has been tremendously successful in both educating students about disabilities and empowering them to move their communities forward,” said Liron Rosiner-Reshef, Director of the British Friends of ADI in London. “By implementing the ADI Bechinuch modules in classrooms, we harness the power of education to open hearts and minds, positively impact the Jewish community and society at large, and help make disability inclusion a reality. We invite the Jewish community in the UK to join ADI in our important campaign towards Tikun-Olam!”

We need your support!

By donating to ADI Israel, YOU will help us meet our goal to enable each child, regardless of the severity of disability.

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