“This Association Bestows Life to Families of Special Children.”

So proclaimed Deputy Minister of Health, Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, during his recent visit to ADI Bnei Brak. “The Israeli health system will encourage and support the blessed activities of ADI and will provide assistance in any way possible.”

Deputy Minister Litzman was privy to a comprehensive overview of classroom events and the myriad professional activities provided in ADI’s kindergarten and daycare center. Rabbi Litzman saw the various methods employed for the benefit the children, the auxiliary equipment, the professional staff and the many volunteers at work in the daycare center as well as the many babies and toddlers all of whom bravely confront physical and intellectual disabilities daily. Rabbi Litzman was especially moved upon meeting a young girl with intellectual developmental disabilities who successfully completed complex limb surgery.

During his tour of the facility, Deputy Minister Litzman met an ADI mother who told him how much she values ADI, how grateful she is to ADI and that she herself feels that she can contribute to people with disabilities and give of herself to ADI. Rabbi Litzman encouraged this mother and other parents to contact his office whenever they need his help, affirming that he reads every letter and helps whenever he can.

Deputy Minister LItzman summed up his visit saying, “ADI provides a wide range of needs to special children, from morning to evening, thus giving lives back to the families of these special children. I have known ADI for many years, going back to when it first began. I have always tried to help ADI. I view it as a mitzvah to help this wonderful association, all of whose resources are used to help the weaker members of society. ADI needs a lot of equipment and support. The health system in Israel encourages and supports the blessed activity of ADI and will help in as much as possible.”

ADI General Director, Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein thanked the Deputy Minister for his visit, saying, “I thank the Deputy Minister of Health for his responsiveness and good will to continue supporting ADI’s activity. This assistance and appreciation encourage us to continue working for the children’s welfare, with dedicated and professional care, investing physical and spiritual resources in order to be a warm family for all of ADI’s children. The Torah commands us to help and assist special people and children. This is our duty and our right.”

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ADI has grown into a global community founded on the principles of sensitivity, inclusion, commitment and kindness. Building a better and more caring world, ADI is making a real difference in the lives of Israeli children with complex intellectual and developmental disabilities.