State Comptroller Office’s Trip Includes Visit to ADI Moriah

The Financial Division of the State Comptroller’s Office led by Mrs. Ruti Ma’uda together with Division Manager Mr. Chezi Shaia and Mr. Yishai Vaknin, Director General of the State Comptroller’s Office decided to make a stop at ADI Moriah during the division’s staff teambuilding outing.

The day began with a meeting during which the visitors met with Merav Raziel, ADI Moriah residence director, Hila Hemed, ALI program director and HaRav Yehuda Marmorstein, ADI founder and General Director. Avital, an ALI program participant also joined the morning meeting.

Yishai Vaknin opened the meeting with warm words of greeting, proclaiming how pleased he was that the trip’s organizers decided to include an element of significance and purpose into the getaway by adding a visit to ADI Moriah in Gedera. “Out of the two-day trip, I chose to join today specifically in order to take part in this visit. I am certain that this visit will be special, and that is why I preferred to come now.”

ADI Moriah’s directors shed light on the daily schedule and various activities of ADI residents and students. HaRav Marmorstein provided background about ADI, recounting his life mission of the past 32-years, how ADI developed, and the amazing dedication and support which ADI has been privileged to receive over the years.

Once the formal introductions came to an end, the face-to-face meeting with ADI Moriah began. Students and guests made their way to a nearby park for a wonderful party including games, music and refreshments. Words cannot describe the amazing atmosphere of camaraderie that developed instantaneously between residents and guests. Hugs, smiles and dancing said it all.

Comptroller Office Division Manager Chezi Shaia emphasized that this was the first experience for many staff members to meet people with disabilities and stated outright that, “no one will ever forget this activity.”

Merav Raziel summed up the visit by expounding on the double benefit of the meeting: ADI Moriah students enjoyed a special outing filled with the love and attention of office staff while division employees were able to meet ADI residents. “Various disabilities are found everywhere, but we don’t always realize what a person close to us has to deal with, therefore every meeting such as this is significant and helps us to better understand the world of those with whom we live.”

Thank you, members of the State Comptroller’s Office. We already look forward to your next visit.

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