Corona Commentary: A Blessing to Care for Others

Corona Commentary: A Blessing to Care for Others

Corona Commentary: A Blessing to Care for Others

My name is Yahav Zehavi, and I am a second year National Service volunteer at ADI’s residential and rehabilitative center in Jerusalem. I have always felt valued and respected here, but I am so honored to be counted among the small group of volunteers who have been selected to assist ADI’s professional staff during this pandemic.

While the sterilization protocols are extreme, including the head-to-toe protective gear that we have to wear at all times and the fact that the groups of residents have been spilt into much smaller groups and divided up on different floors, we all understand why they are necessary. But we still miss the ADI residents who are now in other groups and on other floors. It’s so hard not to see their smiling faces every day.

The ADI residents are like my own siblings, and I am so happy that I can be here for them during these uncertain times to give them a sense of normalcy and routine. We have been working hard to create fun, interactive games and lessons to keep the residents active and smiling. And, as always, we make sure that dancing and singing is a focal point of our daily schedules.

It is important to mention that we are constantly inspired by ADI’s dedicated professional staff – doctors, nurses, therapists and administrators – who work tirelessly day and night to provide each ADI resident with boundless love and personalized care. It is truly incredible watching them work.

When this all began, and we heard that ADI would be on lockdown to prevent the spread of infection, we thought that we wouldn’t see the ADI residents for weeks. But, to our delight, we have the privilege to not only see them but to help them through this very unusual time, to keep them safe and happy. In turn, we feel fulfilled, safe, happy and absolutely blessed.

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