ADI and Israel gained a warm place in my heart

ADI and Israel gained a warm place in my heart

ADI and Israel gained a warm place in my heart

My best friend and I got the opportunity to go abroad for a minor of our Nursing course. So when Andrea suggested to go to Israel, I doubted a little at first. I had never been that far from home and certainly not for two months. Anyway, a few weeks later I was on the plane to Israel.

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Once I arrived at ADI, I had to get used to it. Suddenly I had stepped out of my own little familiar world. In the beginning, the volunteer work I did did not seem very useful. I did not speak the language and did not know what to do. But after a while I started to learn that it is important to give these special people just a little extra love and attention. The residents of my house showed very little emotion, which made it difficult for me to find out what they wanted. But a little patience and love work miracles.

Meanwhile I have been back in the Netherlands for a while and when I look back on this trip, I am very happy that I got this opportunity. It was an experience that I had not wanted to miss. ADI and Israel gained have a warm place in my heart.

Enice (19)

Pictures: Lub Post, Urkerland

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