About Us

About Us

ADI’s mission is to care for the most precious members of our society – those who cannot care for themselves.

While empowering hundreds of Israel’s most vulnerable citizens to advance well beyond their initial prognoses and live happy, dignified, and meaningful lives, ADI is also establishing fully inclusive communities and laying the groundwork for the provision of the highest-level rehabilitative care for all.

The ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran (formerly ALEH Negev Nahalat-Eran) rehabilitative village in Israel’s south and the ADI Jerusalem (formerly ALEH Jerusalem) residential center comprise a continuum of loving care from infancy and childhood through adulthood, ensuring that residents with multiple disabilities and complex medical issues receive the medical and rehabilitative care and educational, vocational and social opportunities they need to reach their fullest potentials. 

At the same time, ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran, which offers a host of rehabilitative solutions for individuals from all backgrounds and levels of need, is undergoing radical growth to meet the country’s rehabilitative needs.

Our Mission

ADI (pronounced ah-dee) is the Hebrew word for a radiant and multifaceted jewel, a name that reflects our expansive vision and broad scope of activities, including disability care, rehabilitation, research, employment, education, community services and Tikkun Olam. It also speaks to the importance and great value of our mission to care for the most precious members of our society – those who cannot care for themselves.

Understanding that all individuals deserve the best available care and every possible opportunity to reach their greatest potentials, ADI provides comprehensive rehabilitative solutions for children, adolescents and adults with severe disabilities and complex medical conditions in a dignified, warm and loving atmosphere.

It’s all in the name: ADI celebrates ability at every level, promotes diversity and insists on inclusion.

A Day at ADI

Wake up

ADI residents wake up to the smiling faces of their caregivers, who shower and dress them and help them put on their body braces, splints and other assistive devices.


Seated in specialized chairs, the ADI residents enjoy their breakfast. While eating scrambled eggs and cereal, some residents make developmental leaps like grasping their spoons.


ADI's dedicated staff and volunteers bring the residents into the special education classrooms for fun and educational rehabilitation sessions featuring a variety of developmental games and techniques.


During the group snack time program, a communication therapist helps the children utilize alternative communication devices to express their choices.

Personalized Therapy

Every day, physical therapists work with each ADI resident to help them develop better muscle control and stamina.


At lunch, speech therapists and nutritionists observe the children for signs of advancement. When residents begin to feed themselves, a plan is developed to encourage an even higher level of independence.

Nap Time

Halfway through their busy day, the ADI residents close their eyes for a well-deserved rest.

קבוצת מתנדבות מסביב לילדה בכסא גלגלים Group of volunteers around a girl in a wheelchair

Social Activity

The ADI residents enjoy an outing to a nearby park with a group of volunteers.

Afternoon Fun

Every day, physical therapists work with each ADI resident to help them develop better muscle control and stamina.


The ADI volunteers follow the newest sets of instructions left by the speech therapists to help the children make their next developmental leaps. As mealtime draws to an end, they write a report about each child’s achievements.

Medical Check-up

In the clinic, the medical staff checks each child’s blood pressure and respiration. Rehabilitative assistants help clear their lungs and upper airways from excess secretions.


The day ends just as it began – with big smiles. ADI volunteers tuck the children into bed, sing them lullabies and send them off to sleep with loving goodnight hugs and kisses.

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