A volunteer trip to Gush Etzion

A volunteer trip to Gush Etzion

A volunteer trip to Gush Etzion

Last week we were happy to spend a sunny day in Gush Etzion with our great volunteers.

Unfortunately, Gush Etzion – a region south of Jerusalem – has not made any good reports in recent years. Almost every day there were terrorist attacks in the region. Fortunately, the situation has calmed down for several months, also due to the strong presence of the Israeli army.

It was very important to us to show our volunteers this beautiful and thriving region, to introduce them to its history and to show the everyday life of the local people there.

We were fortunate to have the ex-mayor of Gush Etzion – Moshe Saville- as our guide. We met in Mizpor HaElef, a viewpoint in Neve Daniel. There he showed us the different settlements and explained how good the cooperation with the Arabs is in reality.

From there we drove a short distance to the Gush intersection – the place where most attacks on civilians and soldiers in recent years have taken place. Exactly at this point, volunteers have founded “Pinat Chama”. A place of rest and relaxation for the Israeli soldiers, where they can eat donated cakes, soup, drinks, etc. for free. After a short chat with the soldiers and a few photos we drove to our next program point – Petel BaHar.

At Petel BaHar we went picking fruit! We were allowed to eat as much as we wanted or could. The unsprayed fruits tasted like a dream! There were blackberries, raspberries, cherries, strawberries etc.

Although we enjoyed the fruits, there was still room for the obligatory Israeli food: hummus, falafel, salad and fresh lemonade in the restaurant Hummus BaArtez.

With a happy stomach, we drove to our last program point – the Kfar Etzion Museum – to see a film about the history of Gush Etzion shortly before the birth of the State of Israel. It was very oppressive, but one thing was clear in the end as well: We love and celebrate life!

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