First Café Outing for ADI’s Young Adults

They sat together in the café, contented and relaxed, perusing the menu in an atmosphere of camaraderie. Shai* looked around at the classy décor, taking in the heavenly aromas. Limor* inspected the elegant place setting, unfolding the fine cloth napkin and placing it on her lap. The scene at the café was such a common […]

Meuhedet Workers Give ADI’s Kids Pesach Cleaning Fun During “Good Deeds Day”

For Israel’s national “Good Deeds Day” earlier this month, 9 women from healthcare service provider Meuhedet visited ADI Bnei Brak to run a fun, spring-themed activity for the ADI kids. The volunteers worked with the ADI residents and staff to create big bubbles with soap and water.  The workshop was a perfect way to stimulate […]